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Robert Downey Jr in True Believer (1989)

Happy Easter Promo!


it’s easter so what better excuse to get excited for some easter chocolate eggs!!

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  • fandom blogs only
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  • happy easter!



Steve & Tony quotes in The Avengers.

Happy Birthday, Mikki!

Iron Man (2008): Deleted Scenes

Tony Comes Home

just an example of how public tastes work: 

this post spent the first 48 hours of its life with 80 notes.  i self-reblogged it 3 or 4 times desperately trying to push the note count to 100. 

then it was reblogged by lokiofasgard which is a fantastic blog with i think over 20k followers. and this is how it got its first couple thousands. 

then someone fandom-minded added their sort of Jarvis/Tony manifesto to it. and this is how it got the rest of the 60k notes.

do i love this post? not really.

is it my best work? by far—no.

Does anyone care about my opinions? lol no

ps. the funny part: people who reblogged this post for the jarvis/tony thing sometimes leave comments like, “Oh, now I have to see this movie…” Lol, the scene is not even in the movie. No one bothers to read the caption.


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Title: Gold Digger
Plays: 1869
© Greg Williams (2006)

© Greg Williams (2006)


Marvel’s The Avengers (2012)

Marvel’s The Avengers (2012)


Robert Downey Jr in True Believer.

Filmed in 1987, released in 1989.

95% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes in 2014.